footprints-Holy Spirit and I

The Holy Spirit and I

  Have you ever being in a situation where you do or pursue something and it turns out to give an undesired result?  Then you pause and tell yourself, something … Continue Reading →

the choice of a single girl 2

The Choice of a single girl

As I cast my mind back on the events that unfolded before we finally got married, I whispered to myself “thank God I stuck to my choice”  I say “finally” … Continue Reading →

Small ACT

Stop worrying! Try thanksgiving

Thanksgiving means different things to different people. To some, it is a time to say thank you Jesus for a new-born, new job or new month; while to others, it … Continue Reading →

God loves you header

God loves you – Falling plates

God loves you- Video by: Falling Plates Duration: 4mins What are you searching for? Do you desire a relationship with God? Are you desiring a change in your life? Do … Continue Reading →

Mother and daughter walking down a path

A mother’s key prayer

It is important that every mother prays that her child should come to know and have a relationship with God at an early age. The world is full of all … Continue Reading →